Modern piercing industry appeared more than 30 years ago, and since then and it has passed through rises and falls. Today is the period of one of the most significant rise. Piercing becomes popular and great again, demand is growing fast, so does the offer.

Why is it bad?
"What is the difference between a trivial worker and professional?”, - asks Brian Skellie, medical liaison of american APP.  "It’s that worker follows what professional does and repeats it mindless, without understanding the point neither of the process itself, nor its meaning. As a result his work output is imperfect. A worker just does mimicry professional, in fact not presenting himself the one“, - he answers his ritorical question. 
So here is our mission – to learn people to separate the wheat from the chaff, professionals from „easy riders“ and „peepers“.

Why it is important?
Easy. In few years our children will get grown up, we won’t be (and we don’t want them to be) under our control. Somebody’s kids are already grown right now. What prevents them to go for a walk with friends, pop up the piercing shop and go into to get something pierced? Hm…basically nothing. Today there are a lot of shops where they won’t be even asked, what age they are. What hinders your kid from getting infected with incurable disease such as AIDS or Hepatitis C? Basically nothing! Because in our country there is no official regulation of piercing industry, no one cares. Well, there is some, but it only work for cosmetology medicine, and they just cover themselves with their legal licenses; still acting like low-level piercing hacks when it comes to body piercing. This does happen because there is no place to get tyrained with body piercing legally in Russia. So nothing protects our children from becoming ill and handicaped! Do you want your children to get infected by hepatitis C in some unknown, unrecognisable shop opened yesterday? We don't want that, we do care!
What prevents them from getting a poor service and suffer after, instead of being happy of new piercing? Nothing! In our country everyone who ones took needle in his hands is a piercer! And no one is ready to understand that it requires some knowledgement and praxis which require long time to learn. That is why we did create the association of professionals, who know how to work clean and safely, who respect their clients, dispose enough knowledge to make people happy with body piercing. The society of professionals, who work on standards of safe and professional working process, which are followed and improved each day.

Make body piercing world great again! At least for our children!

Why are you here?