ruAPP №2:
The 2nd russian area piercing conference

2018, Aug 13-15th, Moscow!


Save the dates and prepare your lungs, liver and kidneys! This time ruAPP is going to become International!
Of course, we can not do it fully english. This event is focused on russian piercers, and most of them doesn't speak english fluent. 
But we still bring several international speakers, vendors and just visitors, so feel free to come and hang up with you russian friends you might meet at BMX, APP, LBP, YouModify and APPE!
Visit some new classes may be (we will ask international speakers about classes we hadn't been taught on the common conferences)
Shop cool legit or exotic jewelry, which you can't probably find in your area (we can't promise lot's of them, but there would be high-end brands for sure)

Meet new russian friends (and may be find a new piercing-slave for your shop, haha) and just have a good time. 
And of course, meet Mother Russia!
Woo-hoo! That's gonna be fun, we bet you had never know how do people live (or survive?) here!


Classes, seminars, workshops

This event is only for piercers, shop owners, jewellers, counters, and other industry affilated workers. 
If you are one of them, we are glad to see you and you experience at our conference! 
Proceed the blue button to register!


We know how big is you love to nice jewelry. We are not supporting chinese replicas, so only brands with proper reputation would be represented at the expo venue. 
We are not promising a huge market, but you can find something really cool and unusual, what can make your shop look a little bit different than another high-end shop with same jewelry around the corner : )
Also we will try to represent not only jewelry, but tools and supplies as well; although it is more crucial for local piercers. 

Full list of vendors will be growing up closer to the event time, but meanwhile you can see what companies are already confirmed under following blue button:

What else?!

Push the button to check confirmed speakers: 

1. Party!
So many piercing in one place had never been a babysitting room!
It is a holiday, and we are going to hold a Welcome Party with snacks and beverages during the first evening near the entrance pond. 
Language barrier is always a headache, but we know some means how to make people contact, if you know what we mean! Nice music and hopefully, amazing weather and sunset will be a nice addition to the evening. 

2. Raffle tickets! 
Excuse me sir, did you already buy some raffle tickets? (- Havve) 
Should we really explain? 
Regarding to prizes, we can not promise 10k$ grand prizes, but we will see what jewelry companies would be eager to give away and how big support is it going to be. 
At least, we don't think of Rob Hill's coming and buying few thousands raffle tickets as usual.... 
So you've got a chance.

3. All the rest is still planing and might become an authentic surprize.... }:] 



1. Why do i need to go to Russian Conference?

First reason: No one of your friends had been there. You can tell stories to your pals! 
Second reason: We will have english classes (translated to russian, but speakers are talking english). You can learn something new. Always forever learning!

Third reason: Meet new friends! Many russian piercers you might meet on instagram or facebook has no way to leave our country.
But you can come in! 
Also you can meet some an old friend here in Russia, we bet you had never meet your old friends in Russia yet! Develop your friendship!

Fourth reason: Okay, it's gonna be just an awesome party, should be a blast! 


2. I was thinking about visiting GEP in the mid of August. Would i be in time with this?

Yes, sure. Sergio Tinaut, Auris Jewellery and some other people are going to Brazil right after the conference.
There are 2-3 days between events, so you can cath both. Book em quickly!


3. Won't i be alone standing amongst all those people talking russian?

We don't think so. First of all, we have a core of speakers who speaks whatever but russian. And we have russian piercers who prefer to hang up with you guys and lads, who came from so afar and definitely have so many interesting experience and stories! 
Also we expect enough people from all the parts of the world who will come and talk english between each other.


4. How would i get to the meeting point if i don't know Russian letters?
Don't worry! Russia is not kind of China. In moscow it is not easy to navigate because of ciryllics, but ask Jimmy Buddha, it is far from being impossible! We have lot of information doubled with english words, also Google Maps work fine here, we have lots of free wifi spots, so you basically need to be outstanding to get lost in Moscow! 


5. What else to do in Moscow? Flight are not so cheap to come just for three days!

We know that. If you are coming and willing to take a tour, let us know, we will try to find you a local friend and guide from our piercers who can spend some time with you and show up Mother Russia! 



We hope it was enough to let you decide to start an adventure into our part of world! 
Come and see Putin isn't eating children and russians aren't drinking vodka, dancing with bears playing balalaykas, saying Nastroviya to each other! 
Have fun!


Approximate Schedule

Right now we see our event like that:

Aug, 13 
8.00 - 9.00: Meet-up point at StScalpelburgMoscow at Leninsky prospect 36, attendees registration. 
9.30 - 10.30: Transfer to the facility on buses. 10.30-11.30: Registration in the hotel, lunch
13.00: Opening speech and begining of Classes.
21.00: Welcome party!
Aug, 14
10.00 - 20.00: Classes, Expo starts working
20.00: Entertainment after the dinner.
There is no exact list yet, it will appear later, but we think of suspensions and stuff like that. 
Aug, 15
10.00 - 18.00: Classes

18.00 - 21.00: Cetrificates issuing, expo finish. 

21.00 - 23.00 Final Dinner (optional, should be paid additional), Awards and Raffle 

23.00 - ... Final Party (there should be at least one person who will swim drunk in the pond)

Aug, 16

10.00 - Checkin out from the hotel (if you didn't chose to stay longer. You can choose more days while booking the hotel. The hotel offers the variety of entertainment, from horse riding to skydive jumps)
11.00 - Transfer to the centre of Moscow to St Scalpelburg shop.
Final hugs!



Full conference package for 3 days includes classes, expo, 3 meals a day and staying in standard Double hotel room for two persons, will cost you only $350 (or about EUR 320) per person. 
But you are up to choose better room and pay some more - the hotel offers Premium and Lux rooms as well. 
More information about prices see in the Register page!